Enthusiasm as a selling point

Marina runs a graphics and signage agency that is doing well, but she felt a bit stuck as ‘just another agency.’

They are smart and skillful, and have access to all the latest signage tech. She has an attractive portfolio of installations. But so do most of the other agencies in town. And they all say exactly the same things about themselves.

The best option was give them a distinctive attitude and voice, to change the game a bit.


“We live and breathe signs, banners, architectural graphics.

Please don’t say ‘signage’. It sounds too much like ‘cabbage’ or ‘baggage’.

We prefer ‘signery.’  Like ‘finery.’ Going into the world looking your best.

 . . . . .

“We handle the mechanics of production and the nuts and bolts of installation.

And will even do a grand unveiling, with fanfare, if you wish.

(As we said, we love this work.)”