Product Copy: Make it a Product Review

To me, it’s very telling that buyers rely more on customer reviews than on the official marketing copy.

They read the reviews on Amazon, the reviews on the online sites. They seem to look for what others say. And trust it.

Not because the reviews are unbiased and impartial.

Most reviews are highly opinionated, sometimes unfair, always subjective. Some miss the point entirely.

Customers rely on them because they talk about the product the way a customer would see it.

What it’s like to use it.

Why they decided to try it.

How it feels in the hand. How it looks on the kitchen counter.

What it’s really good for. What it’s not so good at.

Cool things you can do with it. Things they tried.

Things that surprised them.

How it’s different from the last one they had.

We as marketers can learn a lot from customer reviews. Mostly, marketing copy is bullet points and product features specs and marketing talk.

I find it works better when product copy reads and feels like a customer review.

What is it like to use this thing?

What are cool things you can do with it?

How does it feel in your hand?