Marketing for Mavericks, Upstarts, and Innovators

Maybe you’re new in the market. Or you are going up against big competitors. Or trying something new. Good for you.

You need a fresh way to talk about what you do, so it’s more interesting, so it resonates better with your customers.

Get them to think, “Hey, I want this.”

Perhaps we should talk. I’m a marketing writer. Which means copywriter, scriptwriter, speechwriter, content writer.

I work best with people who are trying to bust out of the pack, shed some old traditions, change some minds.

Clients call on me for web content, video, speeches, presentations, and print. And I’ve been at this forever.

The articles below show how I work, and how I think. (For good or ill.)

And here’s the FAQ.

I’m at  And (908) 464-5192.