Smarter Content for B2B and Tech

I’m Walt Kania, Marketing Writer.

I’m in the business of finding fresh, more compelling ways to talk about what you do.

The idea is to get people to think,

“Hey, I want this.”

“We should talk to these people.”

“Interesting. This makes sense.”

I work with startups, upstarts, giant enterprises, and marketing/design firms who are looking for cleaner, simpler, more human content.

Especially good with complex products, B2B or tech. Lousy with fashion, cosmetics, corporatespeak.

I handle video, web content, email, blog pieces, articles, speeches.

Here’s the FAQ.

Are we a good fit?

A ten-minute phone conversation or a brief email exchange will tell you if we should talk further.

I’m at

And (908) 464-5192.