Two IT guys walk into a bar . . .

They settle in. The first one orders two beers, then turns to his friend:

FIRST ONE:  So I heard you guys started moving some apps off your servers and into a cloud service.

SECOND:  Well, yes. In today’s resource-constrained enterprise data center environment IT management is challenged with reducing capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx) while simultaneously delivering scalability, dynamic and on-demand delivery of services, with dependable experience regardless of enterprise geography or end-user device type.

FIRST: Oh. So it was cheaper?

SECOND:  The compelling economics of cloud-based infrastructure offers an alternative to premises-based hardware models with all the attendant capital and administrative expenses. Depending on business objectives and existing infrastructure a number of ROI models can be applied to evaluate a virtualized off-premises solution addressing both projected productivity improvements in the IT organization as well as impact on end-users in terms of increased uptime.

FIRST: Oh.  So how did it work out?

SECOND:  In terms of end-user experience, response times, and availability, cloud solutions provisioned with adequate bandwidth and compute capacity can typically rival or exceed those of on-premises deployments.

FIRST: So did you rival. Or exceed?

SECOND: We’re rivaling. We’re projecting exceeding in the next quarter.