Thinking outside the buzzwords

This exercise is a bit frustrating at first.

I know. Because I go through this all day long.

But it’s a smart way to give your marketing copy a good dose of fresh.

Try to write your next piece without using any of these flaccid buzzwords:


leading edge






Try to get through four web pages and not say:

drive, driving (revenue, innovation . . .)






It’s the marketing equivalent of that party game Taboo where you try to get your partner to guess the word ‘turtle’, without saying the obvious things.

Trying to write without buzzwords will make you tongue-tied at first. Because you can’t recite the same ready-made phrases. You can’t default to vague abstractions, clichéd marketingspeak.

But the results are remarkable.

Killing buzzwords forces you to think of a fresh way to talk about ‘flexibility.’ It will force you to figure out what the boss means (if anything) by ‘value-added’. You have to talk in simpler words. You have to get specific.

The good part is you will sound brilliantly clear and compelling next to your competitors.

You will find a meaningful way of describing exactly how this thing ‘enhances interoperability’.  What ‘convergence’ actually looks like.

When you can’t say ‘transform’ or ‘impact’ you have to decide exactly what you are saying. And why it matters.

That’s always the hard part.