Marketing for Mavericks, Upstarts, and Innovators

Maybe you’re new in the market. Or you are going up against big competitors. Or trying something new. Good for you.

Or, maybe you do things differently. Maybe you have a fresh take on things. Good for you.

Maybe you need a fresh way to talk about what you do, so it’s more interesting, so it resonates more with your customers. Maybe you need to be more human, more fascinating.

You need a distinctive, voice, a point of view, a strong personality. You can’t afford to sound just like everyone else right now.

You need to tell a sharper story, get people on your side. Get them to think, “Hey, I like this.”

Perhaps we should talk.

I’m a marketing writer. I love working with people who are trying to bust out of the pack, upset some apple carts, shed some old traditions, change some minds.

Web content, video, presentations, even print. Perfectly comfortable with complex products, B2B or tech.

More about the approach here.

Some recent work.


Track record: 1,881 projects delivered since 1995. Only 21 were lame. Well maybe 22.




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