Marketing for Mavericks, Upstarts, and Innovators

Maybe you’re new in the market. Or you are going up against big competitors. Or trying something new. Good for you.

Or, maybe you do things differently. Maybe you have a fresh take on the business. Good for you.

Perhaps we should talk.

I’m a marketing writer. My trade is finding fresh, more compelling ways to talk about what you do. So that people say, “Hey, I want this.”

I work best with people who are trying to bust out of the pack, upset some apple carts, shed some old traditions, change some minds. I’ve been doing this since forever, for giant corps and up-and-comers.

Good with web, video, presentations, content marketing, speeches, even print. Comfortable with complex products, B2B or tech. Really bad with fashion, cosmetics, corporatespeak.

Here’s the FAQ.

A ten-minute phone conversation or email exchange should tell you if we should talk further.

I’m at  And (908) 464-5192.