B2B and Enterprise Marketing: It’s emotional first. ROI and the MBA chatter is a distant second.

“We sell to the enterprise. We need to sell our value to the organization and our ROI and cost savings and/or improvement in performance/profitability.”


You will bore people to death with that. You will lose. Your buyer doesn’t care about value to the organization.

The B2B or enterprise sale is first a ‘consumer’ sale.

You need to lay out your product, your service, in plain English, so the IT director, the front-line guy thinks, “Oh, I want that. This will make my job easier. This will make me look like a genius. This will eradicate metric tons of pain.”

That is not about paradigms or forward-thinking solutions.

It’s about “cool things I can do with this.”

That is a gut-level, emotional response. (Sometimes a bit irrational even.)  She wants it, plain and simple.

It’s the same as buying an iPhone or a 56-inch plasma display.

First, “I want it.”

Second, “How do I justify it?”

So the job is this:  Make the guy want it. Show him what it does, how it works, cool things he can do with it.

Then, when he’s dying to have it, help him sell it upstairs.

That’s where the ROI stuff comes in. Talk all the paradigms you want at that point.

Help him sell it upstairs. AFTER he wants it.